Create, share, and redeem gift cards for free with Paneau!

Written by Nader Khalil

Introducing gift cards by Paneau! We’ve built a complete gift card platform. Businesses can easily sell and redeem gift cards that integrate directly into customers’ Apple wallet. It’s POS agnostic and touchless.

Loyal customers are rallying to help their favorite businesses survive the ongoing COVID-19 shutdown. Purchasing gift cards is a popular way for customers to get cash to businesses, however, many small businesses don’t have the infrastructure in place for people to purchase gift cards online. For example, only 5,000 of the 15,000 local businesses listed on have ways for customers to get a gift card. That hole-in-the-wall spot you love probably doesn’t have a way for you to buy a gift card.

So…we built an end-to-end gift card and payment processing platform. It’s free to use for businesses, and it integrates with customers’ Apple wallet so you’re never stuck fishing for a voucher from your inbox at the register. We hope people find it useful.

The platform is free and we’re waiving transaction fees through the COVID-19 shutdown.

For more info go to or create an account here.

So has Paneau pivoted? No! Providing valuable impressions for our customers is still our #1 priority, but we recognized a gap in the market and felt like there could be a better solution. We’d love if you could share this with your favorite bar/cafe/restaurant/local business.