Paneau is a SF Startup Helping Bay Area Business Owners Advertise in a Brand New Way

Written by Ana Starcevich

We all know San Francisco-based startups are famous for changing the world, but it’s rare that a startup here is actually focused on helping Bay Area businesses specifically. is doing just that. The company, which is based in North Beach, San Francisco, has launched a revolutionary new technology that allows local businesses to easily advertise inside of rideshare cars (think Ubers and Lyfts) driving throughout the Bay Area. Instead of focusing this powerful new advertising technology on helping big nationwide advertisers, the company chose to instead focus on the long-overlooked small businesses that make the Bay what it is.

Paneau Co-Founder and CEO Nader Khalil had this to say:

“We’re dedicated to increasing exposure for our amazing local business partners through creating new and powerful ways for business owners to engage with their local community. We’ve already had over 50 businesses sign up on our rideshare advertising platform and they love the ability to instantly turn on ads for cars going by their location.”

The first-of-its kind, Paneau’s patented technology is giving local businesses a new and affordable way to not only compete with big brands for people’s attention but also directly increase foot traffic by actually being able to reroute the cars to their business if the rider so desires.

If you’re a local business owner, you may have already resorted to handing flyers out at Bart, or boosting posts on Facebook as a means of increasing exposure. Well, now there’s a new option for driving new business in the Bay Area. Imagine having 15 minutes of someone’s undivided attention as they drive near your business. How about being able to offer incentives for the passenger to actually reroute their car directly to your business to redeem the offer instantly? This is the reality for Paneau’s advertising customers and they’re seeing an incredible ROI on plans starting as low as $199/month.

For a limited time the company is actually offering $100 account credit to the first 100 Bay Area businesses that sign up using this link.

So how does it work? Instead of old-school static print ads on the back of the car seats, Paneau uses proprietary tablets and a sophisticated ad platform that even includes a backend dashboard for advertisers enabling business owners to simply upload their creatives and almost instantly run an ad where they want, when they want.

Beyond being a powerful new promotional tool for local Bars, Restaurants, Gyms and Spas, another interesting segment of businesses that are seeing amazing results with Paneau is Cannabis Dispensaries. Because legal marijuana-related businesses have long suffered from the strict advertising laws that prohibit them from benefiting from ad platforms like Facebook and Google, Paneau has become a beacon of hope for businesses in that industry that desire to increase their exposure locally.

So if you own a local restaurant, spa, nightclub or even retail store in the San Francisco Bay Area, it may be wise to try out this new advertising technology before your competition does.